That's Riso!

A handmade look and feel with the speed, low cost, and efficiency of a modern printer.

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The Riso printing is reserved for current Design students, staff and faculty only. The lab is also not to be used for any commercial use. Portfolio and academic use only.


Time slots are set in 30 minute blocks. Select the one you need and fill out the appropriate contact info. You may sign up for multiple slots if needed.


We've created custom color swatches/spot colors for Adobe PS, IL, & ID as well as Procreate that match the riso inks in our lab. Click the button to download and use them to help get accurate designs.

Riso Printing

The RISO printer is specifically designed to bridge the gap between copier and offset systems giving you a handmade feel at the speed of a modern printer.

stack cutters

You can cut a stack of pages up to 3/4 of an inch thick, which is about 200 pages.

scoring presses

A manual channel creasing machine that is designed to prevent cracking in toner based digitally printed graphics.

saddle stitch

Saddle Stitch staplers staple large amounts of paper along the crease or fold lines with strong durable staples.


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Riso Lab Operations

To use the Riso printer itself, yes you need an appointment.

However, if you would like to use any of the other equipment or workspaces, i.e. Guillotine stack cutters, scoring presses, saddle stitch stapler, etc., you are welcome to come in during open hours.

To make an appointment click on “Book Now” on this site. Appointments are required to be made 1 day in advance and are set to 30 min slots, you can then sign up for more than one if needed.

**Remember that Riso can be a long process. Allow yourself adequate time and if you are printing more than two colors, you will need to sign up for a return time at least 24 hours after your first print to finish the job.

Dry times can vary depending on the amount of ink used and the type of paper. To prevent ink from getting on the rollers and creating track marks on following prints the Riso Lab has a mandatory 24hr dry time after a 2 color run.

No. The lab has a standard paper supply that includes 2 different sizes and weights of each color/type.

You are welcome to bring in your own as long as it is an uncoated paper that meets the size and weight requirements.

The following papers work well with the Risograph process:

  • French Paper Co.
  • Domtar Earthchoice Colors
  • Mohawk Via Vellum
  • Neenah Exact Vellum Bristol or Astrobrights

If you use your own paper the minimum weight accepted is 12 lb. (46g/m²) And the maximum weight is 110 lb. (210g/m²)

Coated papers such as an inkjet or laser paper, or papers with very smooth or glossy surfaces do NOT work well with the Risograph.

If you are unsure about a paper please discuss it with the Riso Lab Manager.

The Riso Lab’s standard stock of paper comes from the French Paper Co. We carry a small range from plain white to Kraft brown, some with speckletone some plain.

We carry two sizes, A4= 8.5”x11” & A3= 11”x17”. A4 comes in both text and cover weight. A3 comes in just text weight.

No. Your presence will be required for approving proofs as each layer is sent through. And also to help make sure your project is sent through just right.

File Preparation

The minimum size will vary depending on if you are printing one color or 2.

Single Color minimum size = 4”x6”

Dual Color minimum size = 8”x11”

The Maximum for both single and dual is 12”x17”

Please note that though the printer will accept 12×17 paper the maximum printing area is 11×17. There are print margins on all sizes as well, please see print area graphic on the Resources page.

If you’d like, you can use all 12 colors available. But please keep in mind that the Riso Lab has a mandatory 24hr dry time period. Since the printer can print 2 colors at once there would be a 24hr drying period between each pair of colors. Factor that in when preparing your design.

If you use your own paper the minimum weight accepted is 12 lb. (46g/m²) And the maximum weight is 110 lb. (210g/m²)

Any papers outside of those parameters will cause paper jams.